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Month: December, 2013

Frosted Window Panes, Candles Gleaming Inside

We bought some add-ons for our entertainment center at IKEA when we were in Utah last weekend. Took all week for Doug to get them together. Good thing he had the pets helping him. Such a beautiful frosty day. I’ve been brewing homemade vanilla in basement for the last two months for our neighbor/co-worker gifts. […]

Tis the Season

Casey was out of town so I was lucky enough to be Brittney’s date to her office Christmas party at the Mystique Theatre. I’m a way better date than Casey anyway (just kidding, I’m a close second). We really struggled taking a decent selfie in the low lighting and low quality phone cameras. We tried […]

Roast Beast

It was such a beautiful day on Monday that we went on a walk after work around our neighborhood to see all the lights. This house was our favorite, it’s an older man’s house and he puts them all up himself. It’s so nice. My mom always calls putting up lights on your house “a […]

Golden Holiday

11 solid months of daily picture taking down with one more to go. I had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and I knew Britt could help remedy that. Had a fantastic girls night with my little personal shopper. We showed up wearing the same skirt. As I was uploading photos I […]