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Be The Match

My cousin’s daughter, Emma, was born with a rare genetic disorder, Fanconi Anemia (FA). I copied this from her blog because I think she can explain it better than I can: ¬†“It causes bone marrow failure and different types of cancers, often including leukemia. ¬†Currently there is no cure. There are treatments that can extend […]


     “The movies will always be one of my top all-time out activities. But to be honest, the peak moment for me is always being on the way to the movies. I love being on the way to the movies.      We’re in the car, trying to get there in time. Maybe you’ll have good seats. Maybe […]


This past week we had off of work due to “National Day” holiday. I don’t really know what this holiday is for other than basically the whole country takes it off. We decided to take a little trip to a place called Yangshuo with three other friends: Dennis (Chinese) Leah (American) and Kate (English). To […]