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We flew over to Bangkok and after our time spent in Chiang Mai, we weren’t quite ready for a big busy city again. We took it pretty easy during our short time in Bangkok. We spent the day window shopping at the glitzy Siam Mall. Our favorite thing we did was go to a movie. […]

Doi Suthep

Our last day in Chiang Mai we went to a Buddhist temple up on a mountain. It was beautiful and quite busy with worshipers. You must remove your shoes before entering That night we went to the night market. We got some great food and enjoyed walking up and down the streets shopping.

Long day to Laos

Doug and I decided we wanted to go on a day tour that would take us up to Laos with some interesting stops along the way. First stop was some natural hot springs. This wasn’t too exciting for us, being from Idaho, but it was pretty cool to see because there were some elderly ladies […]

Elephants, Tigers and Butterflies…oh my!

Our second day in Chiang Mai was really epic.    [WARNING: Lots of pictures ahead!] First thing we did was ride elephants through the Thai jungle. I was so excited! I’d never been that close to an elephant before. They are truly amazing creatures. So gentle and majestic. They were just awesome to be around. […]

Chiang Mai

After our lazy and relaxing time on the beaches of southern Thailand, we flew up north to a place called Chiang Mai. We were so impressed with how clean and beautiful the city was. We loved exploring and went on a self-guided tour around some of the Buddhist temples in the area. The city is […]

Koh Pu

After the touristy hustle and bustle of Phi Phi we decided to slow down and head to a more remote island called Koh Pu. So, yes, we went from “pee-pee” to “poo”.  We were some of the only ones going there on the ferry. The ferry can’t even dock on this small island. The ferry […]

Koh Phi Phi

Our next stop was another island called Koh Phi Phi (pronounced koh pee-pee; it’s ok, you can laugh). Just a two hour ferry ride away from Phuket, this was a great island get-away. No luxury hotel for us here- we stayed in a pretty basic bungalow. When the scenery is this beautiful, who cares  if you don’t […]


We left China very early Christmas Eve morning. We had a seven hour lay over in Guangzhou, China (which was an uninteresting airport). After our boredom set in, we played a game called “Spot the Foreigner”. Basically, whoever noticed the most foreigners won. I think we only got up to 9 or so. The second we landed in Bangkok […]