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Category: Home Life

The Backyardigans

We moved into our house two summers ago and have slowly updated the yard. It wasn’t bad when we moved in, just a little 80’s with the lava rock and ugly bushes. It’s been a process, one that I realized gets worse before it gets better. Last year our backyard died, which is a long […]


Five years. We’ve climbed the great wall; lost glasses in the Atlantic; hiked Mayan ruins; ate weird food; watched a lot of Seinfeld; rode elephants in the jungle; taken countless naps; bought a house; got “real” jobs; met Mickey Mouse; slept with wild monkeys above our heads; been on a live TV set; shared lots […]

For Old Times Sake

Maybe everyone already knew what “Auld Lang Syne” meant, but I had to look it up on New Years because I didn’t know. A rough translation according to Wikipedia is “for old times sake”. I thought that was fitting. Our New Years Eve was spent being awesome: we went out to dinner and then came […]


I was just uploading some pictures to the computer and found these. I couldn’t not post them. Shaka’s gas station decided to have a camel come hang out there for a few hours as advertisement (random!)  when I found I about the camel I couldn’t get to the car fast enough, I was so excited. […]


Best four years of my life. Love you more than ever. Happy anniversary, Dougie.  

Felix and The Professor

I’ll be the first to admit that had I not gotten married there was  big chance  that I would have become a weird cat-lady. Then again, maybe you can still be a weird cat-lady even if you’re under the age of 40 and married. I guess that’s up for debate. Either way, as soon as […]


Doug wanted some uniformity on the “people” section of our company website. After trying to digitally change portraits into stipples using Photoshop, he decided to commission the real deal; they just didn’t look quite the same when done digitally. He wanted the artist that does the iconic stipple portraits for the Wall Street Journal. He […]

My {new} Job: Party Planner

My boss came to me with an interesting proposal: I was to contact Sam Tsui, the youtube sensation, and see if I could schedule him for a private concert. His wife’s birthday was coming up in three months and he had some tricks up his sleeve for the biggest surprise birthday bash I’ve ever witnessed. […]


After much deliberation, we did it. We bought a house. We’ve been moved in just over a month now and we love it. We somehow managed to get even closer to our place of work. We had a 3 minute commute before from our apartment to work and we literally cut it in half to […]