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Let’s Go Fly A Kite

(Continuation of last two posts) Our last day of vacation we decided to spend with no plans other than lots of beach time and I wanted to finish the book I was reading. We accomplished both goals and had an incredible day. Doug borrowed his dad’s trick kite and really got the hang of it; […]

Oh Christmas Tree

This Christmas was great. We got to meet our new darling little niece Avalee, ate lots of delicious junk food, watched several classic Christmas movies and visited with family and friends. Our camera didn’t make it out as much as it should’ve, but here’s a few scenes from this Christmas.     We spent a […]


I know it’s a bit late, but better late than never. We had a great Thanksgiving last week. Crazy to think where we were and what we were doing last year for Thanksgiving. I miss our buddies and the international food we chowed on last year. But, it was definitely time for a good ‘ol […]

Goodbye Winto

A few weeks ago Doug and I spontaneously decided to buy my cousin’s car. Turned out to be a fantastic decision because it meant we got to go to Seattle on a weekend trip! We’ve been thinking for awhile that it was probably time to upgrade from my ’92 mint green Honda Accord that’s been […]

Meadow Lake

A couple of weeks ago we made it up to Meadow Lake to go camping with my parents. It’s been a favorite spot of my family’s since I was just a kid. Doug and I bought our own tent this summer so this was the maiden voyage. The weather was just perfect. A homemade hammock, […]

Orange Lilies

I took this picture at my parents’ house a few weeks ago. These were the lilies I had for my center pieces at my wedding. My mom planted some in her front flower bed and every time I see them I think of our wedding day and how wonderful it was being surrounded by supportive […]

Beck Family Reunion

As I mentioned before, we had a family reunion a couple of weeks ago at Island Park with the Becks (Doug’s Mom’s side of the family). Turns out they are a pretty wild bunch which made for a fun reunion. Doug’s whole family stayed at a cabin they rented which had a great location close […]

Yellowstone National Park

A few weeks ago we had a Beck family reunion (Doug’s side of the family) at Island Park. Doug and I took a little escape to Yellowstone National Park one of our days up there. It’s been quite a few years since either of us have been there, which is a shame considering how close […]

Hālì Bōtè 7.2

The last Harry Potter came out while we were in China and so it was funny making comparisons with both experiences. You can read about that here. We bought our tickets for the midnight showing here about 6 or so weeks ago (yes, we were really excited). I remember in China having one of our […]

The 4th

Independence Day is definitely one of my favorite holidays: parades, patriotism, barbecues, junk food, family and fireworks. What’s not to love? We had a good time at the parade.  Thank you dad for our sweet seats…he arrived at 7 AM to make sure we were curbside! Our favorite was the Star Wars club with the […]