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Category: Apartment Life

The Squeaker

I just now realized I’ve failed to document the new addition to our little family. He’s not really “new” to us any more as we’ve had him for about 9 months now, but allow me to introduce you to Elvis, or better known as “The Squeaker” or just “Squeaks”. Our upstairs neighbor, Debbie, asked us […]

Fruits of Our Labor

We decided to take what we learned and put it to the test. We made some classic California Rolls last week with our new rolling skills. Sometimes it’s nice to stay in for date-night.   Sushi night: successful.

St. Valentine

Doug and I were babysitting on actual Valentines day so we had to save our special date for the weekend. That didn’t stop Doug from having these beautiful flowers delivered to the office for me. I got Dougie his favorite Jelly Bellys, a blank canvas and a download for the full Lord of the Rings […]

Crossing off the List

We came to the realization that summer is quickly coming to a close and we have yet to accomplish a fair amount of our summer list. We decided to impose an “epic summer week” to squeeze in as much as we could. It was so fun, we should’ve be doing this every week. Monday: Pick […]

Hālì Bōtè 7.2

The last Harry Potter came out while we were in China and so it was funny making comparisons with both experiences. You can read about that here. We bought our tickets for the midnight showing here about 6 or so weeks ago (yes, we were really excited). I remember in China having one of our […]

Pizza Pizza!

We just invested in a pizza stone that arrived in the mail today. We decided to celebrate by making pizza and watching Harry Potter #6 (we’ve got to prepare for the big premier next week!) The pizza turned out so good and I would highly recommend getting a pizza stone if you haven’t already.

Summer Lovin’

We are so excited for summer, I just really wish it would get here. We made a to-do list in anticipation.   The font used was one Aly made awhile back in China (it’s her handwriting). You can download it to use while making your own summer lists by going here and unzipping the file: […]

Goin’ Green

I love St. Patrick’s Day. When I was young, my mom would take me out of school on St Patrick’s Day so I could go to her preschool and pretend to be a leprechaun. Just the regular leprechaun stuff, ya know, like leaving gold coins in the yard, messing up the toys in the preschool […]

Kickin’ It Old School

It all started about a month ago when I drove past a life-sized Yoshi walking down the sidewalk advertising a video game store. The marketing got to me and I asked Doug if he wanted to check out the store; of course he did, I don’t even know why I bothered asking. Well the store […]