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Month: May, 2014

Gift of Gab

Travelogue: Part 5 We had to make a choice for our last day between a few options. We decided on castle day. First stop was Dunguaire Castle near Galway built in 1520. After Dunguaire we headed onward to Bunratty Castle. We were taking a bit of a back road and came upon this really cool […]

Castle on a Cloud

Travelogue: Part 4 We left Portrush early the next morning after our traditional Irish breakfast from our B&B. It was pretty much the same as English breakfast but they added black pudding. Neither one of us could bring ourselves to try it, I guess when “pork blood” is one of the ingredients my courage goes […]

Five Short Days in the Emerald Isle

Travelogue: Part 3 We hopped from London to Dublin and were greeted by more green than I’ve ever seen. I was really looking forward to this leg of the trip because we got to see my cousin, Gloria. We’ve actually only met maybe three times in our lives; I don’t know my mom’s side of […]

God Save the Queen

Travelogue: Part Two From King’s Cross Station in London we headed to the airport where we rented a car. It was a little too easy, in our opinion, to be handed keys to a vehicle in a foreign country with no instruction, where they drive on the wrong side of the road. It instilled a little confidence […]

I See London

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging. Once we started missing days from taking our daily picture I sort of lost the blogging spirit. Doug had a big birthday in March. The big three-oh. Dirty thirty. In lieu of a party, or any sort of celebration, we decided to plan a trip to […]