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Month: February, 2014

Ideas Worth Sharing

This is what I did on my day off work. I was really productive. Happy President’s day, Happy America Puzzle. Felix still always comes down with me when I work out and it’s really cute and really distracting. He usually falls asleep on my stomach when I’m doing abs so I give up early and […]


Doug’s definition of “Nightcap”. Snow. After a long evening of mattress shopping we needed a little reward. Our neighbor’s dog. It was pretty ridiculous, he was so friendly, snuggly, nice, well-behaved and then we find out he’s hypoallergenic too. I wonder what Professor and Felix would do… This is how Professor greets us most days […]

No, George. Thank YOU For Being Awesome

Chelsea, my little PA, flew into town to take a test. We had the pleasure of hosting her at our home for the week. Started off with Sunday dinner at my parents’ house because Chelsea is basically their second daughter. My plumeria, as previously mentioned, was on the brink of death and I revived the […]