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Month: January, 2014

Mirror Mirror

We’ve miraculously made it a few more weeks with taking photos every day. We’ve really got to spice up our lives here soon or before the end of the month we’ll have pretty much exhausted everything there is to take a picture of in our little lives. We’ll just see how long we go this […]


We got home from Kansas on Monday night and we are still trying to get back into routine after being gone and after the holidays. My Kindle was a life saver for traveling. Back to the daily grind. Incense at work? Ok. My co-worker picked up this little head in Nepal. Kickin’ it old school […]

Eva Blanche

After completing our goal for 2013 of taking a picture every day of the year, I was looking forward to not having the “burden” any more. Then we started taking pictures just out of habit and I figured it was worth it to continue on for another year or until I get sick of it. […]

The Final Countdown

WE DID IT! We have taken a photo every single day of two thousand thirteen. We are very proud of ourselves. That’s not to say we are necessarily proud of all our pictures, there are are a lot that questionable in quality, at best. That’s not really the point. The point is we have a […]