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Month: November, 2013

Catching Fire

Getting ready for the big Thanksgiving feast. Wanted to get my shopping done a little early. On the phone, taking care of business. We’ve done it! After a long process we are all fired up with our new gas fireplace. I had to zoom in for the shot because around the fireplace is incomplete and […]

Fire Men

It’s cold outside and gets dark early now which means it’s time to watch Harry Potter in bed. ‘Nip time. Squeaker just took a bath. These guys had to rip out our existing fireplace. Turns out it was much easier said than done. The thing was a total monster and proved to be stubborn in […]

Circus Acts

Met this beautiful girl for sushi on Monday, she always puts me in the best mood. Then I had the pleasure of hosting two Canadians at my house. Claire, her little sis and dog (if you can call it that) stopped in for the night on their way to Washington. We love having guests and […]

Babies, Cats and Nachos

I lucked out by getting to have lunch with my oldest and dearest friend, Melinda, and finally got to meet Miss Millie. Melinda has the cutest offspring ever. The pictures of the day really went downhill after Monday’s. We will have to up our game going forward. For those who didn’t know (which is probably […]