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Month: August, 2013


Five years. We’ve climbed the great wall; lost glasses in the Atlantic; hiked Mayan ruins; ate weird food; watched a lot of Seinfeld; rode elephants in the jungle; taken countless naps; bought a house; got “real” jobs; met Mickey Mouse; slept with wild monkeys above our heads; been on a live TV set; shared lots […]

Lava Lava

Bought some new lily plants and planted them in my backyard…probably not the best timing. It’s a little bit hot. I woke up with a start realizing I forgot to take a picture! It was a little before midnight and this is all I could muster. We are limited in the number of perfect summer […]

Oregano, Mint, Rosemary and Thyme. She’ll be a true love of mine.

We went three posts with no cat pictures, so gear up for a post flush with cats. That’s just what happens. Our temporary (white trash) solution to keeping to keeping cat fur off the new dining chairs.   I have got to remember not to leave presents on the ground…the cats always open them and […]

Holly Hocks, Forget-Me-Nots

My eyes just started watering from excitement when I saw my good friend Annalee walk through the door of the fro-yo shop.  I haven’t seen her in years and we all had an hour long conversation that ended pretty crappy…literally. Somehow the conversation went south and ended on the topic of poop. I left with […]

Osh Kosh B’Gosh

(Continuation of the post below) We flew in early to NYC and checked into our hotel then we straight to our favorite little Chinese restaurant we discovered last year. It’s the only place that’s come even close to authentic Chinese food and I crave real Chinese food all the time so it was mandatory we stopped […]

I mustache you a question

What you see below might shock and even disturb you, but I assure you everything is ok.   Doug had a full beard going on and was shaving Sunday night and as a (hilarious) joke left just the ‘stache. I told him he should leave it like that for work and when he considered it […]