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Month: July, 2013

Lion and the Lamb

New dining chairs that Felix is christening with his blasted fur. We’ve clearly got to come up with some new “no cat zone” tactics. The cats were looking out the screen door so Doug sat down with them while the bird was on his head. Felix I guess needed a better view (?) so he […]

Summer Wind Was Always Our Song

Still haven’t missed a picture of the day yet… Idaho summer skies never fail. Happy Birthday mom! Thanks for spending it with us. What was this one? 35?  Sorry about prematurely cutting your cake before we sang the happy birthday song, I’ll take the blame for that one. Again with the Idaho summer skies. Lunch […]

Brownie Root Beer is #1

I started Monday off right with a massage after work. It’s the worst when you realize they’re finishing up (mine always ends with my right foot) and I get so sad and try to savor every last second. Ahhh… We have loved living in this house. However, one thing it lacks is air conditioning, you […]

Happy Birthday, ‘Merica

Bob and I felt the patriotic spirit a few days early. A lot of our neighborhood lit off their fireworks on the 3rd and it scared our kittens half to death. They hid under the bed for hours. Scaredy cats. July the 4th: We went to the IF parade in the morning with Brittney and […]


It’s official. For a small fee, I, Alyson M. Webster, can notarize any document that you need (or want) notarized. Watch out world, this is serious business. My pretty pink peonies from my backyard. I love summer. Ahhh, freshly mowed grass. We spend a lot of time in our cool basement in the summertime. By […]

Safe at Home

My coworker went to a conference and brought me back this delicious Dominican chocolate. I suspect that it wasn’t all out of the kindness of his heart; it’s more likely that he got the chocolate without realizing it was 72% dark, thought it was disgusting and had to offload it on someone. I was happy […]