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Month: June, 2013

Dad Day

We got home Monday evening from babysitting and not only were we excited to come back to our own home, the kittens were excited too. Tissue sample for See this post for more information. Some days we almost forget to take a decent picture (ok this happens really often) and we have to check […]

Be The Match

My cousin’s daughter, Emma, was born with a rare genetic disorder, Fanconi Anemia (FA). I copied this from her blog because I think she can explain it better than I can: ¬†“It causes bone marrow failure and different types of cancers, often including leukemia. ¬†Currently there is no cure. There are treatments that can extend […]

Muppet Baby(sitting)

We are babysitting my boss’s kids this week. They aren’t babies though so I don’t know if it’s still called “babysitting”. They’re old enough to take care of themselves and they are good kids; Doug and I are just there to make sure the shenanigans are kept to a minimum We played volleyball which turned […]

Serenity Now

We all hate Mondays, don’t we, Professor? Two cat pictures in a row? Oops. My cousin was in the area for business and luckily we had a chance to meet up for dinner. We took him to our favorite sushi restaurant, him being a sushi lover. At the end of the evening he told us […]