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Month: May, 2013

In the twinkling of an eye

I truly did not even know we had tulips. Apparently they don’t take a lot of care because I’m not even sure these guys have been watered. One day I go out to my backyard and *boom* beautiful tulips blooming right there! What a nice surprise. My friend Brianna came over and got acquainted with […]

Before During and After

Here’s some before and after shots of our living room remodel 5 months in the making. Please ignore the furniture and lack of decor, that’s the next on the list. Then the kitchen/dining area after that. We’re just happy we have the construction part done. We did everything ourselves (with the help of my dad) […]

Olive Me

I got this insane idea in my head that we could finish the whole living room by the next Saturday (this was last Saturday). We got a lot of work done last weekend but didn’t come close to finishing. Doug and my dad both took the day off on Monday to finish and I took […]

The Gang’s All Here

Here’s our cute little feathered friend. I was on a really long phone call at work and sometimes this is the best way to keep myself entertained. That night we didn’t take any other pictures so we were stuck with a selfie. Does anyone know what April 24th is? I didn’t either and apparently no […]

Cinco De Milo

I’m not sure when it started, although I think I was already out of the house. I don’t know how it started (but I feel like Aubrey was somehow involved). I don’t know why it started but I’m glad it did. All I know is for the past several years we have celebrated “Cinco De […]

May Day

This day was so windy I thought our office was going to blow over and then I thought our house was going to blow over once I got home. I think we need to fight Chicago for the title of the “Windy City”. It started snowing so I settled in with a hot cup of […]