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Month: February, 2013

A New Level

Hooray for three day weekends and also parents who will spend their day off working on their kids’ house. Doug and my dad spent nine hours on Monday taking walls out, putting up dry wall and re-building new walls. They got so much done it was great. We still have a long way to go […]


We were babysitting our boss’s kids all this week. Sunday the girls and I had a spa day. They have a really long hallway that we often have races down. Doug is the champion skipper. By that I don’t mean he’s a really good boat captain, just that he’s really good at skipping and beating […]

#latergram #fall

I got lazy last year and didn’t post for several months so this is a snapshot post of all our fall highlights from 2012. September Nana had her 97th birthday. She’s an inspiration to us all. Our cats have grown up a lot since this picture, but they still love rubbish.   My friend Allison […]

We Have a Cat Named Felix

66% of this week’s photos are of Felix. That means we ignored our rule of only having at maximum one picture of the cats per week by about 50%. In other words, you could just say we got 50% lamer this week. Such is life. This is in our bathroom, the picture doesn’t show scale […]

A Week With the Elderly

Last Sunday night we had a major snowstorm. We woke up to several inches of snow and it was still coming down. All the snow on this chair was from just the night before. I mentioned we are remodeling our front living room/dining room area. Felix was helping us with our inspiration photos. Our neighbor […]