The Big Apple

by alyson


[This post is a continuation of the previous post]  We got in to NYC pretty late so we hopped in a cab to head over to the apartment. There’s just something about getting jostled about in the backseat of a NYC Yellow Cab that is exciting. The moment of truth was getting to the apartment and going in for the first time; it was beautiful and clean. The following morning we slept in (a requirement on vacation) and headed to the Museum of Natural History. I was very impressed, it was so well done.

Doug + Olmec Head

We headed over to Times Square which always mesmerizes me when I first get there. I saw this kid and immediately jumped up for my free hug. I’m all about free hugs. Then he insisted Doug took a picture. Doug says no and he insisted again. So he took the shot. Then the kid asked for money and Doug kindly pointed out that according to his sign the hug was free and the kid responded “for the picture”. Free hug my butt…

Free hugs. Not free pictures.

Times Square

We decided to go to a Broadway Play that night and by luck found Newsies on the half price board. I’m a huge Newsies fan. If anyone remembers riding in Winto (my ’92 Mint Green Honda Accord) during high school there’s a very good chance that the Newsies soundtrack was on deck which meant you had to listen to me sing along. The play was fantastic, the dancers were amazing and the singing was superb. Top notch show.

Carryin’ the banner

They all wanted to give us a ride

Hi, I’m Liz Lemon

The next morning found us with a slow start so we went straight for lunch at Pomodoro’s, a little Italian restaurant near the apartment. Food pictures always make me so hungry afterward

Then we walked over the the Metropolitan Museum of Art via Central Park. This shouldn’t come as any surprise but I love Central Park. It’s amazing to me to be walking around in a beautiful park with the stark contrast of concrete just beyond the border.

Doug doesn’t like when I take pictures of ourselves…