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Month: November, 2012


I was just uploading some pictures to the computer and found these. I couldn’t not post them. Shaka’s gas station decided to have a camel come hang out there for a few hours as advertisement (random!)  when I found I about the camel I couldn’t get to the car fast enough, I was so excited. […]

The Big Apple

  [This post is a continuation of the previous post]  We got in to NYC pretty late so we hopped in a cab to head over to the apartment. There’s just something about getting jostled about in the backseat of a NYC Yellow Cab that is exciting. The moment of truth was getting to the […]

Flip Flip Flipadelphia

A few months back I was having a conversation with a businessman from NYC.He lives half the time in NYC and half the time in AZ. He asked me if I’d been to NYC before and I said yes. He asked if I liked it and I said oh yes. Then, get this, he offered […]