Felix and The Professor

by alyson

I’ll be the first to admit that had I not gotten married there was  big chance  that I would have become a weird cat-lady. Then again, maybe you can still be a weird cat-lady even if you’re under the age of 40 and married. I guess that’s up for debate. Either way, as soon as the prospect of home ownership was becoming a serious possibility you better believe I already had my new kittens lined up ready to go. We moved in, went and chose which kittens we wanted, then had to wait for them to ripen. I was excited. Just to be clear, my love of pets is not exclusively for cats. In fact, if I had more energy/resources I would probably be a vegetarian animal-rights activist. But, eh, don’t have the energy. So I’m just pro-animal rights.

Cats seemed like the most logical option for two working adults anyway.

Felix {Felicis}

We had their names chosen for them before we even got them. The funny thing is their names have really suited each of them. I think it has been made evident that we are devoted Harry Potter fans. No? Then check this post, this post or this post. In case you were not aware, that’s where we got the name Felix Felicis. If you want a cat full of inexplicable behavior and varied idiosyncrasies, paired with wild wide eyes and a permanent Cheshire cat grin made of white fur, that is Felix. He’s also a world-class cuddler and bather.

Professor {Plum}

Professor Plum. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I love Clue.  Clue is hands down my favorite movie. I honestly can’t even count how many times I’ve watched it. Clue is also my favorite board game and was my favorite book series as a kid. Oh, you didn’t know there is a book series and a movie made after the board game? There is. Doug has even found me a few times playing Clue on the Super Nintendo. By myself. I love it. (Yes, there is a SNES game as well.) This post is quickly becoming more and more incriminating of how weird/dorky I am. Anyway, that is where The Professor got his name. That and he has a goatee. True to form, this guy is constantly exploring everything and (as Doug puts it) “performing experiments” which is a euphemism for causing trouble. I swear he has twice the amount of energy as Felix. He’s also always the first one to greet us when we get home from work with his cute little face. He is notably not a great bather. I mean, he’s good, he’s just no Felix. Felix has noticed this as well and has picked up the slack. We appreciate it.

We realize we are getting dangerously closer and closer to becoming a working zoo by the day. We’ve been asked several times how the bird and the cats do together. Not so good. The surprising part is that Squeaker is most often the perpetrator. He’s always bugging the kittens. We have been tirelessly trying to enforce that “Birds are friends, not food.” I can only imagine the kittens’ confusion when the bird flies over and lands in their food bowl while they are eating dinner. He has also tried to take a bath in their water dish while they are getting a drink. It appears to be some sort of power-play. Regardless- not smart, Squeaker. Not smart. If anyone has cat/bird relationship advice, we are all ears.

It wasn’t my intention when I sat down to write an embarrassingly long post about our pet cats. But since you’ve read this far that can only mean one thing: you want to see more pictures of our kittens. Ok.


Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur. Happy kitty sleepy kitty purr purr purr.

So little



Cheshire Grin

I spilled milk. Easiest way to clean it up, everyone wins.

Which one's which?