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Month: August, 2012


When we learned back in December that Wicked was coming to Salt Lake City we immediately bought our tickets and have been talking about it ever since. We planned it for our anniversary. I couldn’t believe the date finally arrived. We are big Wicked fans in this family. Doug’s been blasting the soundtrack nonstop. It […]


Best four years of my life. Love you more than ever. Happy anniversary, Dougie.  

Lamp Lights

We bought a tent last year at a garage sale for $10. We decided we would become campers. Why wouldn’t we become campers at that price?  Unsurprisingly we have camped a total of…one…times this summer. But I think the “coolness” of the place makes up for the lack of quantity. Allow me to explain. Ness […]

Felix and The Professor

I’ll be the first to admit that had I not gotten married there was  big chance  that I would have become a weird cat-lady. Then again, maybe you can still be a weird cat-lady even if you’re under the age of 40 and married. I guess that’s up for debate. Either way, as soon as […]


Doug wanted some uniformity on the “people” section of our company website. After trying to digitally change portraits into stipples using Photoshop, he decided to commission the real deal; they just didn’t look quite the same when done digitally. He wanted the artist that does the iconic stipple portraits for the Wall Street Journal. He […]