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Month: February, 2012

St. Valentine

Doug and I were babysitting on actual Valentines day so we had to save our special date for the weekend. That didn’t stop Doug from having these beautiful flowers delivered to the office for me. I got Dougie his favorite Jelly Bellys, a blank canvas and a download for the full Lord of the Rings […]

When in Rome…

We had a little murder mystery dinner at our place the other night. We love these. My friend, Marilee, introduced me to them 5 or so years ago and we’ve attended/hosted quite a few since. Our favorite part is dressing up. Well, actually Doug hates to dress up, but I love it and I love […]

Kaylee’s Married!

I was going through some pictures and came across all these that I had forgotten about from Kaylee’s wedding. Which was beautiful by the way.     I also was lucky enough to meet up with these wonderful ladies for lunch at Millhollow. Obviously, that’s THE place to eat in Rexburg. It was so nice […]