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Month: August, 2011

Orange Lilies

I took this picture at my parents’ house a few weeks ago. These were the lilies I had for my center pieces at my wedding. My mom planted some in her front flower bed and every time I see them I think of our wedding day and how wonderful it was being surrounded by supportive […]

Crossing off the List

We came to the realization that summer is quickly coming to a close and we have yet to accomplish a fair amount of our summer list. We decided to impose an “epic summer week” to squeeze in as much as we could. It was so fun, we should’ve be doing this every week. Monday: Pick […]

Hello, Goodbye, Happy Birthday

Everyone is growing up and becoming real adults; buying houses, having babies, starting careers. When did that happen? I still feel like I need to ask my mom if I can have a waterfight with the neighbor kids in the backyard. Well, despite our best efforts we’re all getting older. Aubrey and Skyler just made […]

Beck Family Reunion

As I mentioned before, we had a family reunion a couple of weeks ago at Island Park with the Becks (Doug’s Mom’s side of the family). Turns out they are a pretty wild bunch which made for a fun reunion. Doug’s whole family stayed at a cabin they rented which had a great location close […]

Yellowstone National Park

A few weeks ago we had a Beck family reunion (Doug’s side of the family) at Island Park. Doug and I took a little escape to Yellowstone National Park one of our days up there. It’s been quite a few years since either of us have been there, which is a shame considering how close […]