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Month: July, 2011

Hālì Bōtè 7.2

The last Harry Potter came out while we were in China and so it was funny making comparisons with both experiences. You can read about that here. We bought our tickets for the midnight showing here about 6 or so weeks ago (yes, we were really excited). I remember in China having one of our […]

Pizza Pizza!

We just invested in a pizza stone that arrived in the mail today. We decided to celebrate by making pizza and watching Harry Potter #6 (we’ve got to prepare for the big premier next week!) The pizza turned out so good and I would highly recommend getting a pizza stone if you haven’t already.

The 4th

Independence Day is definitely one of my favorite holidays: parades, patriotism, barbecues, junk food, family and fireworks. What’s not to love? We had a good time at the parade.  Thank you dad for our sweet seats…he arrived at 7 AM to make sure we were curbside! Our favorite was the Star Wars club with the […]

Family Visit

My grandma came to visit from Kansas for the week. We don’t get to see her too often but it’s always so fun when we get to visit. Uncle Don and my cousin Ben came up along with JT and Kacie’s clan so we had a full house. I should warn you Doug and I […]