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Month: May, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Last weekend was such a treat. We got to go to Nana’s house in St. Anthony and look at all the treasures in her house. Nana has been around for almost a century now and could easily open up her own museum. I had the most fun I’ve had in awhile just looking through old […]

A Beautiful Bride

Brittney just got married on Saturday! It was a beautiful reception and of course Britt was breathtaking in her killer dress. It was fun spending time with my buddies before they all head off to different parts of the States. The reception was the night before the wedding and Doug had to head back to […]

Belated Birthday Surprise

My dad’s birthday was April 19th and as I mentioned, we celebrated it a little early when we were over in Boise for the blessing. Well, little did he know my mom still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Somehow between her, myself and JT we planned a pretty epic surprise party for my […]

Better Late Than Never

I guess I forgot I had a blog. Thought it might be time to update. Last month we made a trip down to Boise for Baby Brynn’s blessing. She was really excited we could make it. So was Aya! Wait, that was the wrong photo…here’s how she really felt about us coming. We had fun […]