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Month: October, 2010

A Walk in the Park

It’s early Saturday morning. I hear the rooster crowing even though the sun has been up for well over an hour. I don’t think this rooster knows the time, or at least he doesn’t care. He lives right out front of our apartment along with three or four other chickens. I enjoy watching them peck […]

A Little Fruity

Exotic and new types of fruit are always exciting to try in a new place. Here are a few of the interesting fruits available here: We buy these cheep and delicious tangerines by the dozen. They taste just like a regular tangerine and are the regular bright orange on the inside. I just think the […]

Pardon Me?

I was asking Doug for some help with pronunciation on the few Chinese words/phrases that I know. As we were practicing, I told him that I often confuse the words for “goodbye” and “green beans”. Goodbye is “zai jian” and green beans is “si ji dou”. This lead to us creating many hypothetical situations involving […]

What’s For Dinner?

I think the term communist would be a good description of the whole eating experience in China. Whereas, in western culture I would use the term democratic to describe the process of ordering and eating food. It’s interesting how a broad political concept leaks down into even the tiniest details of someone’s life. This is […]

Aly was too afraid to post this…

These buggers have started coming in from the cooler weather, so we snapped a shot. The owl is our “fly/anything-that-moves swatter” for scale.


This past week we had off of work due to “National Day” holiday. I don’t really know what this holiday is for other than basically the whole country takes it off. We decided to take a little trip to a place called Yangshuo with three other friends: Dennis (Chinese) Leah (American) and Kate (English). To […]