Best friends who happen to be married, Aly & Doug hail from a small town in Idaho. Both love learning about and seeing the beauty of the world around them. This site is a record of some of those things primarily for themselves but also for anyone who might be interested in their musings are welcome.

Things of particular interest include:

  • Family
  • Traveling
  • Art
  • Design
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Video


A graduate of psychology, Aly is always interested in people and what motivates them. She makes friends quickly and is amazing at remembering the names of the people she meets. Besides spiders and seafood, she is afraid of almost nothing and always willing to try something once.


Not wanting to be limited by his decisions, he rarely makes any. Instead he opts to entertain both sides of an argument with anything ranging from his career (graphic design & web development) to his opinion on politics. Don’t be offended if he disagrees with you, as his opinion is often just the opposite of whoever he is around at the time.